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Dykes' Blog

Chip Dykes

Chip Dykes - Signed Articles of Agreement September 18, 2009, 47th Learner

United States Marine Corps

This is my beginning to My Life, My Lineage, My First Paperback Book. I invite you to read my journey as I compose each chapter of the 14 Level Reintegration Program. My success is your success and our community's success. Thank you for your courage and support. To post comments you must register with our community. You can view this outline  I am using to map out my progess. Thank you for your comments, I value them.

  • Monday, August 27, 2012 19:12 | Chip Dykes
    Veterans and Supporters, It has been said, "service for a Marine (or other servicemember) never ends." So in keeping with this mantra I have decided to step up my game and announce my run for Oceanside City Council. Unfortunately, this decision has caused me to have to resign as a board member for the Southwest Veterans' Resource Center. However, I firmly believe I can great serve Veterans as an elected official. For the past 5 months I have been on a "listening tour" of Oceanside. Having met with leaders of the non-profit, government and business communities, the chorus is loud and clear. Oceanside is starving for leadership. They are looking for clear and consistent policies, procedures and initiatives which will take our city past the partisan politics and bring about prosperity. I am just the man to do this! If you are interested in learning more about me or the campaign, or making a contribution, please visit Thank you for your service and continued support. Semper Fidelis!
  • Monday, December 07, 2009 12:31 | Chip Dykes

    To my fellow Learners and supports,

    I can understand why we have so many Learners and so few blogs.  Life is busy!  I wanted to come in and just leave a simple not to ensure that everyone understands that I REFUSE TO FAIL!  I am working hard as VP of New Business Development to find those strategic partners that can help us help Veterans.  What have you done for a Veteran today?  If you have read this post, then you are doing something of benefit.  Please help me reach out to others and get them involved.  Who are your "civilian" friends that say they support the military?  How about the local business that has the yellow ribbon in the window?  Are they signed up yet?  Let's energize the community to help us help them.

    Enough of my rant for today!

    Semper Fi


  • Tuesday, September 29, 2009 12:38 | Chip Dykes
    Since posting my first blog I have received lots of feedback via Facebook. The main question is "why are you doing this? And why via this site?" The answer is simple. I am doing this in order to bring attention to this site and the Southwest Veteran's Business Resource Center. One of my mentors in the Marine Corps is the CEO of this fine organization and has asked me to come onboard to help him in his efforts. As a result I asked to become one of the "learners" in order to better understand what the actual service is that SWVBC provides. So, here I am. I am an official LEARNER. Now you may ask "what is a learner". A learner is someone like myself that spent time in the service, got out and went about my business without really understanding the rights and benefits I had earned through my service. Additionally, through this ongoing story I will learn more about myself, my accomplishments, my needs and goals. All of these things will help each learner to set themselves up for their future. The CEO's stated goal of eradicating Veteran's homelessness and joblessness is directly related to ensuring that every Veteran learn exactly what his or her earned rights are. I am in the process of learning so I can educate my fellow Veteran's. I hope this answers the mail. I look forward to continuing my life story with all of you.
  • Wednesday, September 23, 2009 11:14 | Chip Dykes

    In order to share with you my journey through the Marine Corps and into retired life and community service, I feel it is important to give you some history on Chip Dykes. 

    I was born in Philadelphia Pa to a very young mother and father.  My mother passed away when I was just 10 months old.  My father was now a single parent with 2 children.  My sister, Debbie, is 2 years older than I.  You will hear more about her later in my book.   I can only assume the pressure that my father was under to take care of us, as he was just a young man starting out in the post office.  This is a subject that we have never really discussed in my family but I have pondered for years.  I have never felt the desire to rehash that time in my young life.  I would rather just take the lessons for what they were and move on.

    Some time shortly thereafter, my sister and I went to live with our Aunt and Uncle in the suburbs of Philly.  I would like to say the town was Hatboro or Lower Moreland?  They were caring people with 4 children of their own.  I have vivid memories of dipping my finger in the sugar bowl on the kitchen table, and of picking berries in some field nearby.  My father and maternal grandfather would come pick us up on the weekend and take us places.  Can't remember much about the places except my Nanna's house in Philadelphia.  I always thought her front porch was the coolest thing in the world especially when it rained in the summer.

    Although these wonderful people cared for me and my sister for about 4 years, my recollection of specific events besides those I mentioned earlier have faded from memory.  Through the wonders of Facebook, I have finally reconnected with the McCoy family after at least a 30 year absence.   I hope they all read this blog and fill in the blanks for me!

    My next post will skip to the year 1969 and our move into the house on Robbins Avenue in Northeast Philly.  Please stay tuned....

  • Friday, September 18, 2009 19:46 | Deleted user
    I look forward to reading your blogs. I will offer you the same advice you gave me. Kick ass, and take names.

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