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Welcome to our Blogs page. All blogs are monitored to ensure no one posts offensive or inappropriate content. We need your help in monitoring as well and if you find anything that violates our requirements please contact us by sending an email to and we will attend to your concern within 24 hours.

All Veterans that have completed the four hour orientation and signed on to become a Learner will have their own Blog to post their answers to the 14 Level Reintegration program.

For a Learner to successfully complete a Level to Learn-and-Earn a stipend, they MUST post a Blog answering the questions in the outline. After they post their Blog, the Learner is required to develop a network to comment on their posting. Each level has a requirement. Example, level 1 requires the Learner to invite eight comments from both those registered with SWVBRC prior to their posting and increase their network by reaching out to others to register and comment on their blog. Once the Learner achieves the eight required comments the Learner can post the next Blog for Level 2 and earn a stipend. Level 2 requires 16 postings. Each Level incrementally increases as they reach Level 14. The Learner is required to answer all comments. All stipends are paid via direct deposit and at no time are checks or cash given to a Learner to make a stipend payment. After successful completion of the Reintegration Program the Learner would have earned $2,080 and developed an online community network. This model has been tested and proven and its success will be contributed to communities serving Veterans.

The public can read all the blogs, but to comment the public MUST register. The Founder will from time to time post a blog to keep the community posted with updates as we develop our growth and visit various locations.

We thank you all for being part of the world's largest and ONLY online connection Where Communities Serve Veterans.

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Who we are

We are a national public benefit nonprofit organization that educates American Communities about best practices to serve Veterans.  We honor their service by empowering Veterans to apply their training and skills to successfully transition to productive careers and enterprises.

We provide free vocational training 24/7 to all of our members through our website, in addition to local events.  We believe the tenet that American Communities are the ultimate beneficiaries when Veterans claim their benefits and invest in productive endeavors.

The SWVBRC enlists the support of members of local Communities like you to increase Veteran awareness of the value of obtaining a VA card and receiving earned benefits.

Sponsorships, donations, volunteers and support from communities like yours enable us to reach out to Veterans and empower them to transition back into successful, productive enterprises that ultimately benefit all Americans and support future generations.

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SWVBRC is a 501(c)3 non Profit Organization Federal Tax ID# 26-2675027
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